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The Migration in Numbers website is a joint project of six institutions – Ministry of the Interior, Statistics Lithuania, Migration Department, State Border Guard Service, Lithuanian Employment Service, European Migration Network (EMN), International Organization for Migration (IOM) Vilnius Office.

This website aims to provide simple, objective, and reliable answers to difficult questions. Only official statistical data is provided on this website. Analysis of trends and figures is provided next to the graphic material to allow visitors to better understand migration processes over time.

Website Migration in Numbers was initiated by the EMN. EMN is a network of migration specialists from the European Commission, 27 EU Member States and Norway. It aims to collect, analyse and share up-to-date information in the areas of migration and asylum. IOM Vilnius Office represents the Government of Lithuania in the EMN. More about EMN.

Reference to the information source of the Migration in Numbers website must be given when citing the information.

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