How many foreigners work in Lithuania?
* Information on foreigners who arrived for a few months as well as for longer time is provided, therefore, figures are higher than in the section “What do foreigners do in Lithuania?” (there data on foreigners who arrive for one year period or longer only is provided).
No. of work permits issued to third country nationals (annual data)*
No. of work permits
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Source: Lithuanian Labour Exchange
The number of third country national workers was increasing during the economic boom (2005 - 2008) and sharply decreased during the recession (2009 - 2010). Currently, Lithuanian experiences labour shortages in some sectors. The biggest issue is the imbalance of supply and demand for workers. Most unemployed people do not possess needed experience or qualifications therefore employers are looking for qualified workers abroad. In 2015 the Lithuanian Labour Exchange issued nearly 7 thousand work permits for third country nationals. The highest demand was for long-distance drivers. It is important to note, that foreigners can only be employed if there is no Lithuanian or EU national willing to take the job. According to Lithuanian Labour Exchange data, the highest demand is for long-distance drivers, naval hull assemblers, welders, restaurant cooks, tailors.
In 2015, the number of foreigners, coming to work a high-qualified job, increased, there were nearly 300 such applications. Most of them works in IT and educational areas or manage enterprises, their divisions. On 1st June, 2016, there were 344 foreigners, posessing Blue card with majority of them being citizens of the Ukraine (103), Russian Federation (91), Belarus (89) and the US (28).
Updated 2016-06-28

What is a work permit?

A work permit is a document allowing a foreign national to work in Lithuania for an indicated period of time. Foreigners, with an exception of the EU nationals and citizens of Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway and Switzerland, are required to obtain a work permit prior to their arrival in Lithuania (unless they lawfully reside on other grounds). An application for a work permit has to be submitted by an employer.