Irregular migrants in Lithuania
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Third country nationals, who had to leave the Republic of Lithuania because of illegal entry, stay or residence by citizenship, 2015
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Source: Migration Department

Like every other EU member state Lithuania cannot avoid irregular migration. Currently, there are no official estimates on the number of irregular migrants in the country. Data is only collected on detected cases of illegal migration. In 2015, there were 1.9 thousand persons who violated the conditions for legal entry, stay or residence. According to the law, irregular migrants are required to leave the country within the given time (nearly 1.5 thousand return decisions were issued in 2015); otherwise they will be expelled (444 foreigners were expelled from Lithuania in 2015).

Updated 2016-06-17

How does a migrant become irregular?

Irregular migrant is someone who:
arrives to Lithuania illegally, i.e. crosses the border where not allowed, arrives although he/she is forbidden to enter Lithuania or the Schengen, or arrives without a valid travel document or document permitting entry; OR
illegally stays / resides in Lithuania, i.e. arrives lawfully but overstays the allowed period, and/or does not hold a valid travel document or a residence permit.

What is return?

Return to a foreign country means the procedure whereby an alien voluntarily complies with an obligation to depart from the Republic of Lithuania or is expelled to a country which is not a Member State of the European Union or the European Free Trade Association.

What is expulsion?

Expulsion means compulsory transportation or removal of an alien from the teritory of the Republic of Lithuania.