Who is coming to Lithuania?
Return migration of Lithuanian citizens and immigration of foreigners by country of last residence (annual data)
Lithuanian citizens
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Source: Statistics Lithuania

Immigration is usually associated with the arrival of foreigners. However, most of immigrants in Lithuania are returning Lithuanian citizens. In 2014, Lithuanian nationals accounted for 80 per cent of all arrivals. It is argued that significant growth of number of returning citizens may be caused by changes in health insurance regulation in 2009. As a result people started to declare both their arrival and departure more diligently. Politicians argue that the increase of returning citizens is influenced also by better economic situation in Lithuania.

The immigration of foreigners to Lithuania remains very low with the annual average of several thousand people. In 2014, 4.8 thousand foreign nationals immigrated to Lithuania – 700 of them from EU and 4.1 thousand from non-EU countries. In 2014 immigration increased also due to the increased labour demand: the number of issued work permits for third country nationals increased. Most foreigners come from Russian Federation, Ukraine and Belarus.

Updated 2015-06-12

What is immigration?

Immigration – arrival to a country with an intention to reside in it permanently or no shorter than 12 months.